Top 7

Pay Per Head Bookie

Services in 2022

The growing number of pay-per-head (PPH) providers is a great thing for bookmakers.
Are you wondering why? Firstly, increased competition means providers are forced to offer the best service possible. Secondly, bookmakers get more perks, including extra features/tools.
Competition also helps to control costs. If two nearly identical PPH bookie services have prices of $10/head or $100/head, what service are you going to choose to join?
Choosing the best PPH bookie service can be subjective. The most important things to look out for are the provider’s reputation, software/technology, level of support, features/tools and cost.

Here are the top seven pay per head providers in the sports betting industry:

Real Bookies isn’t voted the #1 provider for no reason.

Reputation wise, this provider has 20+ years of PPH experience with zero problems. They have a big team based in Costa Rica, which includes a fully-staffed call center with English-speaking reps.

What I like best is that you get a complete package to power your bookie business for one fee. Some of the features included in the service are live betting, mobile betting and a racebook.

Your players that love to gamble in the casino are taken care of as well. You’ll have the software to power an online casino with virtual games (RNG) and live-dealer games with real people.

With 80+ sports leagues, 70+ racetracks and 100+ casino games, where else are you going to get this selection of markets? If you want to compete with the big books, Real Bookies is the answer.

Guess what? Real Bookies do all of this for just $10/head and if you have any volume (30+ players) you’ll start receiving discounts. The price gets to as low as $7/head with no fees/commissions.

Another option with offices in Costa Rica, PayPerHead247 has a long-standing reputation in the PPH industry for offering some of the best service (bookie/player support) available.

Are you trying to grow an offshore sportsbook from scratch? If that’s the case I would recommend joining PayPerHead247 and it’s because they have a willingness to help you grow.

While most PPH services on this list have teams in place to help bookies grow, I’ve been impressed with how far above and beyond PPH247 go to ensure that their clients are making money.

You’ll never worry about any hidden fees, commissions, revenue share or minimums. These are often where some of the less reputable services will try and trap you into paying for things you shouldn’t.

With over 10+ years of experience helping PPH bookies, A1 PPH is one of the top three price per head services in 2021. Like the services above, A1PPH offers a complete solution for bookmakers.

Software? Check. Website? Check. Live lines? Check. Reliable? Check. As you can see, A1PPH checks all of the boxes. Prices start at $10/head, which is in line with the rest of the top PPH providers.

One of the things I like most about A1 PPH are the reporting features. You can generate 45+ reports in real-time using the backend software to see exactly how your business is doing financially.

Everything is customizable, including player profiles, betting limits/restrictions and more. Whether you’re a new bookie or a local bookie looking to move offshore, strongly consider A1PPH.

247PPH isn’t as feature-rich as our first three options, but they remain a top PPH shop. Where does this service excel? They have an excellent software suite with a variety of features.

First off, the company prides itself on offering a fast, secure PPH solution with 99.9% uptime. They have one of the leading development teams ensuring the software/technology is top-notch.

There are dozens of custom reporting features, including management reports, player financials, live action reports and an open bets ticker to see all incoming wagers in real-time.

However, they don’t quite offer the same level of service as a Real Bookies. If you already have a lot of experience running a bookie this might not matter as much to you, but it should be noted.

I love the technology/software provided by 247PPH, but don’t expect them to hold your hand.

In the business since 1998, AcePerHead isn’t a newcomer or unknown. Plenty of bookies have used this service throughout the years and they offer a complete package to bookmakers.

The biggest problem I have with this service is the pricing. They predominantly advertise a price of $10/head, but that price can go up based on any features AcePerHead deem “extra”.

One of those “extras” is a VIP live betting platform. They charge an extra $5/head for this feature, so you’re not paying a minimum of $15/head if you want expanded live betting for your clients.

So, while I don’t have many other complaints about AcePerHead, I don’t like the pricing. I prefer a service to have one price only and then offer volume-based discounts to bookmakers.

Well, what I can say about IDSca. They’ve been in the industry for a long time and they have built up a solid reputation as one of the leading pay-per-head providers in the world.

However, one thing you’ll notice is that they don’t list prices on their website. Don’t you hate it when you visit a restaurant’s website with no prices? It typically means the restaurant is expensive.

Well, that’s the case with IDSca. They’re one of the most expensive PPH providers. The starting rate is $23/head and that doesn’t even include everything, such as access to the call center.

Don’t get me wrong, IDSca has a great service and they have some additional features not found elsewhere, such as more live betting events and more horse racing tracks to wager on.

It’s just that the price is too expensive. You can get essentially the same service from Real Bookies at less than half the cost. These PPH costs start adding up when you have 100+ players.

PerHead is another industry veteran. The PerHead service was established in 1997, but the problem is the service hasn’t kept up with the times or the needs of bookmakers in 2021.

First off, their price starts at $17/head for new bookmakers (1-10 players), which is high. They also charge a $250 fee for a custom website with a cookie-cutter design.

Most services on our top PPH list provide a free custom website. Your initial investment is going to be much higher if you use PerHead and they don’t provide anything competitors don’t offer.

One of the only additional perks they provide are multilingual call center reps, but most bookies only require English-speaking reps, so this feature doesn’t make up for the price per head.